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New Era, New Journey---Junlong Ni, secretary of the party committee, chairman and general manager of the group.


When time passes through the ring, we are marching towards to 2018. In this moment of hope and dream, on behalf of the Party committee and the board of directors of the company, I would like to extend the lofty respect and sincere blessing to the veteran leadership and employees contributed to the development of Huamao as well as the various communities care and support for Huamao.

Over the past year, in the face of the sharp rise of production factor cost , the appreciation of RMB and the strict control of environmental protection, the market competition is increasingly fierce. But all employees made remarkable achievements by struggling and working hard in the leadership of the Party committee and the board of directors ,continued with 44-years’ glory in the profit.

Over the past year, we push forward the studies on the theoretical and practical issues of party building the normalization and institutionalization of learning and education, conscientiously carry out the politics and the rules, special education, the nineteen meeting of the party's organizational learning spirit, strengthen the construction of grass-roots party organization, strictly extends to the grassroots, to further consolidate the foundation of the party building.

Over the past year, with the five major development concept of ’innovation, harmony, green, open, and sharing’ as a guide, To promote the structural reform of the supply side as the main line to promote the supply side structural reform as the main line, around the market demand, constantly optimize the product structure, accelerate the pace of technological transformation, deepening the integration of the two, the main industry profitability increased dramatically, new progress has been made in the work.

Looking forward to 2018, there is still a lot of uncertainty, instability, challenges and opportunities in the global economy, with pressure and motivation. The company was established in 2018 the overall train of thought: the main business focus, to improve efficiency, to strengthen the management as a means to reform and innovation, to further enhance the competitiveness of enterprises; accelerate development, seize the "The Belt and Road" historic opportunity, optimize the industrial layout, implement the strategy of going out, further strengthen the Huamao brand.

In the new year, we should further study and carry out the nineteen spirits of the party, stick to the work of Party building and take the opportunity of standardization construction and acceptance of grass-roots party organizations as an opportunity to strengthen the team building, enhance the level of Party building, and give full play to the exemplary role of Party members.

In the new year, we should persist in taking benefits as center, optimizing the product structure, manufacturing superior and characteristic products. Meanwhile, we should insist on implementing the leading strategy of quality and ‘123456’ approach in quality management, improving quality, reducing production cost steadily, so as to improve cost performance and reputation of the products.

In the new year, we should adhere to the principle of strict management of enterprises, strengthen the system construction, strengthen inspection and implementation of the system, implement lean production, so that the banner of ‘benefit comes out of management’ will be fluttered forever in Huamao.

In the new year, we must stick to reform and innovation, further improve corporate governance ,enhance awareness of laws and regulations, avoid all kinds of risks, improve the assessment mechanism, give full play to assessment and incentive functions. This will make Huamao full of energy and vitality.

In the new year, we should seize the the historic opportunity of the Belt and the Road Initiative and make the main business better and stronger by accelerating the pace of development, improving the quality of development, implement of the "going out" strategy.

In the new year, we must stick to employee orientation, enhance employee's sense of belonging, and continue to improve the production and living environment of employees. At the same time of the development of enterprises, employees' incomes will steadily increase, and the contribution to the country will gradually improve, so as to achieve joint construction and sharing.

In 2018, we will welcome 60th anniversary of construction. Facing the new era and Standing in the newbegin, we will exert ourselves constantly and step on a new journey.Let’s take a more solid pace, don’t forget the early heart, not negative realight, with excellent performance, have succeeded in carrying out an assignment, meet Huamao sixty birthday, write a new era and a new chapter in the development of Huamao.

I wish you all have good health, smooth work, happy whole family and career progress in the new year.

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