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ANHUI HUAMAO TEXTILE COMPANY LIMITED (hereinafter referred to as "Company" or "the Company") was founded on July 10, 1998 by Anhui Huamao Group Co., Ltd. (original Anhui Anqing Textile Plant) and was listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange on October 7, 1998. Company securities is called "Huamao Share" for short and stock code is "000850". The total capitals are 943,665,009, Huamao has 437,860,568 (46.40% of total capital) state-owned legal person shares and 505,804,441 (53.60% of total capital) public shares. Anqing City Finance Bureau (Asset Management Office) is actual controller of the company for owning 8.28% stock rights of Huamao Group.

The company mainly engages in the pure and blended yarns of cotton, wool, linen, silk and artificial fiber and its textiles, knitted goods, garments and printing and dyeing processing; sales of spinning equipment and parts and household textiles; investment management. Main products include yarn products, greige fabric products, and yarn-dyed fabric products. At present, the company is capable of producing 55,000 tons of "Chengfeng" brand high-grade Ne5-600 yarns and more than 100 million meters of "Yinbo" brand high-grade greige cloth with breadth of 120-360cm, with annual turnover of over 2 billion Yuan. Our yarn and greige cloth have won the titles like "China top brand", "national customer satisfaction product", etc.

The company has been evaluated as "top-20 competitive companies in China’s cotton spinning industry", "China’s demonstration enterprise for textile technology innovation" and "China’s cotton spinning production base" for consecutive years, In the CBI (China Enterprise brand competitiveness Index System) publication in 2012, Huamao took the first place among the textile enterprises. In 2013, Huamao was rated as high-tech enterprise. The company is capable of developing nearly a thousand varieties of new products and has won the titles including "intellectual property advantage enterprises" and "provincial top-100 invention patents". Most of all, the success of spinning Ne600 all cotton superfine combed yarn marks the international leading position of the company in spinning technology and innovation ability. The production of undressed greige cloth marks the breakthrough development Huamao has made in the field of green and low carbon. In 2016, the multiple compact spun technology and its application project developed by the company and Wuhan Textile University passed the state verification and reached "international advanced" level.

For a long time, ANHUI HUAMAO TEXTILE COMPANY LIMITED adheres to the operation philosophy of "quality-based, technology precedence, management support, constant innovation", and has formed a relatively complete industrial chain covering spinning, weaving, printing and dyeing, garment, etc. and it has strong competitive advantages in such aspects like brand, equipment, technology and policy. Moreover, the company has put forward the "126" engineering strategy taking quality and benefit as center, innovation as motivation, and transformation and upgrading as key point, in order to create a new system in textile industry with core competition advantages. The company implements intelligent plant pilot engineering, high-quality fabric brand engineering, internationalized operation and expansion project, capital platform integration engineering and technological management and innovation engineering and talent team construction and strengthen project.

Huamao is the first batch of demonstration enterprise of integrating IT application with industrialization. It strives to promote information by industrialization, take a new road to industrialization, and continue to promote the high-level combination ofinformatization and industrialization, and implements sustainable development mode.

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